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Avalon Scratch Play for Free

Avalon Scratch by Microgaming

Alchemy Blast Play for Free

Alchemy Blast by Microgaming

Cashout Roulette Play for Free

Cashout Roulette by Microgaming

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Play for Free

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack by Microgaming

Lucky Leprechaun Scratch Play for Free

Lucky Leprechaun Scratch by Microgaming

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Play for Free

Vegas Downtown Blackjack by Microgaming

Keno Play for Free

Keno by Microgaming

Baccarat Play for Free

Baccarat by Microgaming

Monkey Keno Play for Free

Monkey Keno by Microgaming

Roulette X2 Play for Free

Roulette X2 by Microgaming

Classic Blackjack Play for Free

Classic Blackjack by Microgaming

All Aces Play for Free

All Aces by Microgaming

Vegas Strip Blackjack Play for Free

Vegas Strip Blackjack by Microgaming

Atlantic City Blackjack Play for Free

Atlantic City Blackjack by Microgaming

The Incredible Balloon Machine™ Play for Free

The Incredible Balloon Machine™ by Microgaming

Happy Holidays Scratch Play for Free

Happy Holidays Scratch by Microgaming

Bingo Bonanza Play for Free

Bingo Bonanza by Microgaming

Electro Bingo Web Play for Free

Electro Bingo Web by Microgaming

Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch Play for Free

Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch by Microgaming

Mayan Bingo Web Play for Free

Mayan Bingo Web by Microgaming

Online casinos with Microgaming games

Microgaming focuses on providing broad diversity of related revolutionary themed slot games, implying, digital casinos could reimburse gamers into same jackpots, incentivising Microgaming in huge digital jackpots delivery; feasibly possible till date.


Microgaming casinos had also been obligated to payout more than two hundred and eighty million euro in revolutionary jackpot games and as a result fourteen millionaires are made; such as the largest jackpot paycheck since digital betting evolution, to the tune of sum of six million three hundred and seventy-four thousand and four hundred and thirty-four euro.


Microgaming casinos are a must-have for a progressive digitally-based slot. Its gaming software developer developed much of digitally-oriented slot games plus exceptional jackpots; but with its more than twenty years on the digital casino gaming market, it has morphed into a behemoth boasting of most expansive digitally-oriented slot games assortment. Hence, its famed position.

Therefore, we have further streamlined some merits inherent in Microgaming casinos as the following: works with ten powerfully independent gaming studios in the industry; maximum gamer safety guaranteed; wonderfully lucrative free spins and promotional bonuses to wet gaming appetite; churns out optimally developed games periodically; afford most gainful cash-spinning jackpots; unmatched game dual releases for both mobile cum PC platforms; and boasts of largest casino games than other platforms.


Regrettably, there seem to be just a few dissuading attributes, albeit negligible; we went ahead to reel them out for the purpose of giving top-notch and in-depth review. Here are the inherent demerits spotted: not encouraging three-dimensional games plus possession of a few live dealing slot games.

Historical Perspective & Operations

Microgaming is a legendary digital casino software developer worldover. It has the status of first-mover lead in developing digital slots plus subsequently, delivering them to foremost digital casino on the globe. Through twenty years of its corporate existence and operations, more than eight hundred and fifty slot games have been churned out and would still increase in the future.

However, it's a famous prizewinning outfit and have been awarded industry awards cum accolades in multiple categories. It's as well renowned for its revolutionary jackpots and high prize monies. Every one of these and several various benefits is giving Microgaming casinos popularity and prosperity when it comes to digital slot gaming ecosystem.

microgaming software

Established as corporate outfit in 1994 as Microgaming; subsequently, it assumed foremost digitally-oriented casino outfit globally. Therefore, many casino coys sourced for its digital casino software in 1996; e.g. InterCasino. Its corporate productivity, admittedly, isn't easily conserved. Microgaming casinos works in propping up its coy's digital slot games and retain a competitive advantage.


Microgaming software is amongst highly-valued in the digital gaming business and as well the largest, with over 600 games plus slot themes; comprising digitalised slots, pokers and board games, with recent launches going on verging on weekly. It's pointless mentioning that its software is compatibly deployed on all operating system powering various mobile gadgets, rendering games seamless for play from home and wherever.

Microgaming casinos are engineered internally by eminent casino software architects from combo of reputable digital gaming studios as with Derivco, et cetera. It unveiled Quickfire Games, saddled with licensing gaming products to third-party providers in 2010. Microgaming developed Octopus Rift tech and created a portfolio for VR games hinged on Roulette.

Incorporation of API

Its highly-developed software is widely available through SoftGaming singular integration system. Clients have access to every Quickfire game plus third-party developers by means of streamlined integration process. You could as well opt for linking exquisite brands and/or jackpot games to Microgaming casinos.

microgaming review

Besides that, you could also have its over 40 vendors or pick a few. Free Microgaming rounds are powered by its back-end system/application programming interface. Every newly released game developed by Microgaming is introduced into casinos instantaneously.


Microgaming casinos system does have plethora of benefits that both casino gamers and operators embrace: much of its casino games are released in over than forty-five languages; opportunity of wagering in multiple foreign currencies of choice; impressive incentive structure including detailed terms that inspire gamers; perspicuous GUI setup plus an intuitive website layout; superb gameplay technology which guarantee fairness of play; players could use virtual funds to play its free-trial edition; and Microgaming casinos software is famed for its perfectly-structured clients help segment, wherein customers would discover detailed info on nearly any game developed by it.


Microgaming delivers more games than any coy in the business, rendering its gaming product portfolio both expansive and huge. You'll find over eight hundred and fifty themes comprising digital slots, poker and dealer games. Its superbly sought-after games among Indian bettors currently are presented diagrammatically below.

microgaming games

Mobile Gaming

Microgaming software tech is anchored on multi-platform deployment and is best suited for any casino gambling taste:

  • Downloadable edition – gaming deployed on your computer to kick off gameplay.
  • Digital edition – gamers can enroll with the digital casino and play straightforwardly on-site.
  • Mobile edition – best approach for both smartphones and tabs. Presently, gaming contents are accessible thru flash and html5 configurations but would soon become fully deployed thru html5 backbone, as it's simpler, technologically sophisticated and resource-efficient in approach.


Microgaming recently implemented the idea of progressive jackpot depicting steady development of jackpot attributable to tremendous but constant players' investment. A standard jackpot incorporates a range of video slots with various themes. Inasmuch as staking funds rises gradually, it affects punter's enthusiasm considerably.

Microgaming casinos offers competitive jackpot financial benefits in history; which according to records one was approximately $6.4m in prize money and second was approximately EUR 17.9 m. Microgaming by so doing, held the world held global record for being first slot tourney in the history of gambling.


Microgaming is a repeat recipient of the competition. In 2011, it garnered the coveted Electronic Gaming Review global award for excellence in slot development.

microgaming awards

Between years 2013 thru 2016, an Electronic Gaming Review global award was given to Microgaming for Poker software category for 3 years consecutively. 2017 marked Electronic Gaming Review global award to it for providing exquisite mobile-based gaming software.

Major Attributes

In conclusion, Microgaming exemplifies the following: amongst most prosperous and influential gaming software developing businesses worldover; developer with a massive range of gaming contents; recipient of many gaming awards and prizes; and notable by its revolutionary jackpots.


Microgaming provides ground-breaking digital casino-based gaming slot software to top casino game vendors worldover.

Owing to that Microgaming's fixation onto steadfastness, impartiality and gaming responsibility; this digital games developer has sought after and received official licensures and accreditation from a range of digital gaming markets worldover. Its casinos are permitted and supervised by many jurisdictions and hold membership in organisations as with eCogra, et cetera.

Microgaming is into developing casino gaming products and services.


Lost Vegas, Jurassic World, plus Avalon, et cetera.

Microgaming is providing users with one of the biggest revolutionary jackpots.