Top Online Casino Games 2020


If you are not careful, it will be impossible to identify any house that is a perfect fit for your investment plans. Not every brand out there is authentic despite some claiming to be the ideal choices for users.

Therefore, to save the punters' precious time, we have thoroughly investigated Indian casino games and provided their detailed coverage.

online casino games

In here, Casinogames lovers have a complete analysis with each type discussed in detail. Additionally, platforms availing awesome resources to help you realize the dream of being a profitable player are also enlisted. This is a brief on the information you will acquire from this list of casino games;

  • Events for fresh and existing punters
  • Rating
  • Software providers at different dens
  • Financial operations
  • Incentives
  • Practice and actual wager avenues

Simple games for beginners

To master the tricks and tactics used by the house when edging against you all details of this investigation should be understood properly. Despite there being a variety of options to invest in, getting avenues with notable potential is not that easy.

All aspects are also put the table that’s in terms of simplicity, profitability, and user-friendliness of the avenue. You require a well resourced environment and if possible, take a business-geared approach.


They are the second most-popular casino games names after various live openings availed on different avenues.

online casino slots

To illustrate how this works we have used a top selection, 1xbet casino slots machines which is the most reliable and authentic gambling game facilitator in India.

Some easy to predict slot events common in many of the licensed operators in the country are;

  1. Mummy 2018
  2. Vikings Wild
  3. Fortunes of China
  4. 9 lions
  5. Black Horse
  6. Agent mission
  7. Legend of Loki
  8. Phantom thief
  9. Fire storm
  10. Gate of Hell

Above are some of the many events under slots casino games. Their number will, of course, vary depending on your chosen house.


This is another simple way to reap significantly from online casino games. Gamers only need to stake, choose where the ball will land, and then go for the roll option. We have interacted with three types; American, European, and Turbo roulette. Gamers have the option of settling for any type provided there are positive results.

online casino roulette

The roulette is a two-way game; whereby rollers wager against the bank or the house. You can do so using regular boards, or make it more interesting by staking against dealers. This has outlived most of the other casino online games as it has been in the market since 1716. With the rapidly growing technological capability, banks have programmed this into a virtual reality format and thus host it on their platforms.


The success probability in blackjacks is quite high, and masters of the cards have proved that this is an excellent choice for interested users.

online casino blackjack

How do you get it right in this game casino?

  1. If your card does not go past 22. Any value past 22 is considered a bust, and you lose regardless of the dealer's card outcome after flipping. The used term by the croupier in this scenario is "Too many," which means that you just busted
  2. If the cumulative value of dealt cards is higher than the dealer's and not a bust
  3. Once you hit a blackjack. Actually, the rules require the house to compensate with a higher amount in this unique combination

Whether on ante or In-play, the odds of you benefiting or losing remain the same. However, users take insurances in addition to other actions like doubling and standing whenever served cards that are perceived as unfavorable.

Enjoy this game with friends, on demo platforms, and anywhere else where cash isn't required. That process is used to master rules and moves that will facilitate the bettor's accuracy in real investment.

Video Poker

In our casino games list, poker features among the best as well. This is a group game whereby different gamers participate in a table run by one dealer. Poker rules involving wagering rounds do not change, but other features do.

Some of the varying aspects of this online casino game are; deck configuration, the number of cards played, cards dealt face up or down, and those shared to all gamers.

online casino poker

What gamblers seek is to get the best hand before others do or, at the same time, as the perfect player. Expectations of getting quickly in poker should be a little bit lowered unless one understands the flow properly. That's in terms of the card number and possibly tell which may come next. The chance of getting good returns is low for beginners because the house doe not play here.

They just do the dealing and watch as you contest to earn from other gamers. To find excellent poker services and resources, go to 1xbet casino games and navigate to this market in particular.

Live Dealer Games

Since the live casino game category receives more attention from users, many incentives come with its collection. These are not elusive, and after all, you get to have a virtual experience of what we find in physical casino games.

One basically gets a similar exposure, and if crushing in the house environments is your thing, this should be a walkover.

online casino live dealer

Fortunately, with the live online casino games, you get less noise; hence no distractions and returns are guaranteed. In the case of new gamers, live playing might be the best option you have for the startup. Once you get the concept behind this avenue and opt-in your favorite house, earning and learning ticks in too. Below we have reviewed the popular live casino games for all expertise levels.

Live Baccarat

In this, you surely land on more hands every hour, thus giving you the capacity to gain substantially despite its low house edge.

High-risk takers would not love the idea of taking part in avenues where punter's advantage is provided as the returns are expected to be reasonably low.

online casino baccarat

Casino games are invested based on one principle "higher risks for more returns." However, with multiple hands ability in baccarat, participants are able to close in the gap. What are some of the Indian baccarat casino games you are likely going to like;

  1. Super6
  2. Fashion PuntoBanco
  3. Dragon Tiger HD
  4. Speed
  5. Lightning
  6. Vivo baccarat
  7. Lucky streak

The list is overly long since different oddsetters provide them in varying capacities, rules, and odds.

Live Roulette

Are you done with the random number picker in regular roulettes? If yes, this should be your next destination where you can catch the action from live casino dealers and mark the action for margin creation.

Unlike the algorithm based roulettes, these are more fulfilling emotionally and financially.

online casino live roulette

While advantage gamers love to call it the "game of chance," we call it the casino game of fortunes. Use probability and normal experiences to foresee where the ball lands.

Live Blackjack

We have illustrated the winning combinations of the online blackjack casino within its previous section. You might be wondering which is safer, wagering in regular or Live? Of course, the live casino gives you the advantage.

No one knows what cards the regular algorithm might draw, and you also have no idea if the house has programmed the game to be matched in a specific way that increases their edge.

online casino live blackjack

Therefore, get out there and start making it happen with blackjack casino games.

Live Hold 'em

This is a casino gambling game founded in 2000 by Stephen Yeung and recently into the markets. So how do you play Hold 'em casino game without having to fold? This is a list of hands that would indicate that you have made some more bucks and a not strategy;

  1. Royal flush
  2. Straight flush
  3. 4 of a kind
  4. Full house
  5. Flush
  6. All other: This is a draw

How We Rate Online Casino Games

The casino games are picked based on many factors which include;

  1. Our experience interacting with the games
  2. Feedbacks from other gamers
  3. Their low or even house edge
  4. Variety of options to design your ticket
  5. Its access via mobile handsets
  6. Simplicity enabling users to learn quickly
  7. Their ROI

Top Software Providers and Amazing Graphics

Availing of primary resources to make online casino games productive is essential and it is expected of every firm to heed to the call. Likewise, making the interface attractive and fun whenever punters interact with the firm's portal should be seriously handled.

online casino providers

Courtesy of the enthusiasm associated with these markets, developers have invested in every applicable technology to promote the entertaining view. Casino game software providers take care of most of the backend work. Therefore, users have another important task of identifying software providers. Below are some popular and authentic entities;

  1. HO
  2. Portomaso
  3. Authentic gaming
  4. Netent
  5. Zugi
  6. VIVO
  7. SA gaming
  8. Dream gaming
  9. Virginia Live casino software
  10. Absolute Live Gaming

Banking and Customer Care

Your ROI is expected to match your stake or rather the investment made in any business environment. Therefore gamers have to fund their wallets before taking part in casino games to earn returns.

The aim of going through this trouble is to make more bucks and be in a position to withdraw the returns. Thus relying on firms that have payment issues is likely to be the beginning of your failure. Make sure that you can use any of the availed channels and also investigate the firm's processing time. Some of the transfer mediums ideal for onlinecasinogames punters are;

  1. Skrill
  2. Neteller
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Phonepe
  5. Bharatpe
  6. Jeton
  7. MuchBetter

Amazing Bonus Rounds

Casino game companies avail incentives to encourage new gamers to enroll and also reward existing users.

online casino bonuses

Punters should take this as an ideal opportunity to boost their bankrolls despite cold streaks that may arise in the course of their career. Make sure that the house you settle for has any of the following offers, and if not, don't bother investing there;

  1. A new user gift
  2. Jackpots
  3. Free Spins
  4. Contests
  5. Loyalty program

Real Vs Free Games

If you have done some casino games research, the two terms must look familiar. Real wagering games are ventures whereby you follow the right protocol and earn if your play is right.

This involves cash being invested in tickets with the hope of doubling or getting a profit from it. On the other hand, free games cost not even dime and thus users do not earn withdrawable funds. Definitely you will be compensated through coins, and other currencies in addition to getting the necessary skills.

How many different casino games are there?

The exact number of casino games will take us to a thousand or more. However they are sectioned into different broader categories and these are;

  1. Bingo
  2. Slots
  3. Tables
  4. Poker
  5. Roulette
  6. KENO


Some are operated by live agents while others are run through algorithms

Not possible currently


1xbet India casino

The roulette

Practice well using demo games

Most of them are good

Using our rating criterion

Odds tend to vary depending on your provider


By now you should know that we have many games in the broader market with firms availing 800+. They are all the same regardless of your provider, but, each casino game requirements vary while their features stand. Most houses have them availed for you within each game's window hence cramming won't be necessary.