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Roulette Play for Free

Roulette by Amatic

Black Jack Play for Free

Black Jack by Amatic

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Deuces Wild Play for Free

Deuces Wild by Amatic

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Joker Card Poker by Amatic

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Multi-Card Win by Amatic

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Fruit Poker by Amatic

Online casinos with Amatic games

A majority of Indian bettors seldom come to terms with Amatic. It isn't accidental because of its foreign nature. Really! Of course, it's of Austrian origin as vendor plus casino-based game builder effective in churning out both offline-oriented and online-oriented casinos.

Amatic is solidly renown for building fruit-styled slots - fantastic for younger Indian slot addicts; dishing out awesome quite a complex web of featured bonuses and gainful paylines with overwhelming potential. There's never a dull moment while gaming on Amatic built platforms - they're simplistic, well-configured, modified for desktop plus mobile operating systems, doesn't lag while being utilised.


Beside their famous fruit-styled slots, Amatic builds wonderful video-oriented slots complemented with same features as its other platform.

Impressionable Facts

However, there're insights into what makes Amatic build platforms thick plus being well-sought after not exclusively to India but wherever they are utilised for casino gambling.

We discovered these facts: they've consolidated their casino gaming packages with powerfully money-spinning classes of casino-based games periodically; their platforms have operational licenses in diverse countries of operation; affordability and capability of multilingual cum casino tool integrations; adaptability of its platforms on multiple but key web surfing apps plus smart gadgets; its Amanet gaming porfolio serves as repository of Amatic digital multiple gaming archive; its capacity of enabling punter play seamlessly across platforms bereft of software deployment due to its use of html5 backbone.


Merits derived on every Amatic built platform remains its driving factor compelling its diversity of users across board, our review revealed that its biggest merit is stuck on its powerful return to player percentage - in which a player could earn almost a towering 100% return to player percentage.

Moreover, its standardised gaming functions and attributes that grants gamers unprecedented rewards/incentives.


Demerits are attributes that regresses attitude to gravitate towards Amatic paltforms. We found out there's this inherent retrogressive tendency especially on its jackpot games. Non-availability of their games outside designated countries they have operational licenses.

amatic review

What the Platform Stands for

Amatic is a powerful force of reckon when it comes to building and distributing of optimally engineered casino-based gaming platforms dedicated to digital betting.

The company was established 1993 and has been fully functional internationally in the casino gambling sub-sector for over 2 decades. Their mandate centres on delivering developed multiple casino-based platforms and multiple player platforms in addition to video-based lotto outposts served by internationally thru dedicated network of servers. They are well versed in digital gaming solutions cum its production and networking.

amatic software

Amatic Software

In respect of its vast casino gaming platforms worldover which straddles both offline and online platforms, Amatic engineered an ingenious technique of deploying its platforms seamlessly bereft of multi-purpose applications hinged on the splendidly superb html5 system that affords system affinity vis-a-vis advanced mobile platforms and web surfing apps.

API Integration

What makes Amatic API plus software system are robust and successful because of their ingenious incorporation of its backend which superintends over internal workings of a systemic controls regarding payment transactions, internal checks and tests, access and manoeuvrability of slight of hands during digital board games especially.

Platform and Integration

The integrative power of API in every Amatic system is water-tight and functional; plus backed by devoted team of IT security specialists who safeguard it from intrusions.

However, support services are provided to forestall issues related to malicious activities' this explains why Amatic works in tandem with officials in curtailing any mishap vis-a-vis client data losses or compromise. Thru specific API route, every digital casino is integrated.


Assortment of games affords punters choice variety. We'd like to iterate Amatic built games possess great, plain GUIs, offering classical client-friendly slots imbued with normal casino symbols, spin configurations, animated plays and visual effects.

However, Amatic casino product range are 3 types: board games (e.g. Roulettes and Blackjacks), video poker (card dealings) plus video slots (of 2 kinds - fruit-oriented slots, 7 plus wild symbols; and second slots with themes).

amatic games

Major Attributes

Before including Amatic backed software to any of your chosen digital casinos, consider these attributes: platform's technical soundness and safety of its operations; full affinity with key web surfers, desktop and mobile systems; ever multiplicity of casino gaming portfolio; operational license; and html5 backbone for gaming platforms.

Wild Deuces

The pleasure derived from this class of poker distinguishes it from others. Bettors who love pleasurable poker experience while gaming should consider it.

Roulette Royale

This board game has earned much popularity among Indian gamers because of its thrilling ability plus its guaranty of maximising winnings, wherein a gamer could stake bets from numbers zero to thirty-six; either black or red colours; or on odd or even numbers as depicted below.

amatic roulette

Mobile Gaming

The chief takeaway from our in-depth assessment is that Amatic built casino platforms could be accessed thru any operating system on mobile or desktop seamlessly.


It supplies integrated gaming systems successfully since it was founded in 1993. With ever increasing capacity and capability to build digitally-oriented casino games for the Indian betting market, Amatic prides itself in quality, innovation and tech upgrades of her products.

Amatic's product ranges straddles a broad spectrum of products packed as portfolio comprising cabinet development cum production; multiple playing systems; plus video lotto outlets thru dedicated servers.

Vastness of Amatic portfolio keeps growing and incorporating new games both for offline and online casino varieties.

Eye of Ra, Book of Fortune, SicBo, Wild Diamonds, Diamonds of Fire, Crystal Fruits, et cetera.

Amatic handles fairness as utmost as security of its platforms. Therefore, clients are assured of impartiality and due to high-level safety engineered by teams of security experts; they ensure that adequate monitoring, tests and checks are carried out to avoid compromise of any form.