The Best Online Roulette Casinos in 2020

Roulette Play for Free

Roulette by Pragmatic Play

European Roulette Play for Free

European Roulette by Belatra

American Roulette Play for Free

American Roulette by Belatra

3D European Roulette Play for Free

3D European Roulette by Iron Dog Studio

1X European Roulette Play for Free

1X European Roulette by Spinomenal

Cashout Roulette Play for Free

Cashout Roulette by Microgaming

American Roulette 3D Play for Free

American Roulette 3D by Evoplay Entertainment

Roulette X2 Play for Free

Roulette X2 by Microgaming

Virtual Cricket Roulette Play for Free

Virtual Cricket Roulette by Vela Gaming

European Roulette Play for Free

European Roulette by Vela Gaming

Poker Roulette Play for Free

Poker Roulette by Espresso Games

Global Poker Roulette Play for Free

Global Poker Roulette by Espresso Games

Golden Chip Roulette Play for Free

Golden Chip Roulette by Yggdrasil

European Roulette VIP Play for Free

European Roulette VIP by iSoftbet

European Roulette Dark Mode Play for Free

European Roulette Dark Mode by G (Gluck-Gamevy)

Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers Play for Free

Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers by Red Rake

French Roulette Play for Free

French Roulette by Red Rake

VIP Roulette Play for Free

VIP Roulette by Red Rake

European Roulette Play for Free

European Roulette by Red Rake

American Roulette Play for Free

American Roulette by Red Rake

Before you start any operations, go to 1xbet roulettes and see how this game is so satisfying when one is involved. Although there are no verified strategies or tactics on getting the wheel rolling in the right way, there are certainly a couple of approaches that have proved to be practically fruitful. So in this highlight, we have touched on every roulette game you are likely to find in different platforms.

With that in mind, we hope you understand the importance of reviewing the strategies and other memorable insights into this casino game. We have extensively covered on roulettes casino free in addition to multiple other real events. In any case, the concepts are similar, be it for practice play or the usual money roulettes.

online roulette

First, players should know that these are the most uncomplicated games as they offer a 50% chance of winning and thus the punter always enjoys a substantial edge.

Here are sections included in this investigation;

  1. Guide to playing and winning
  2. A short review of the top firms with roulettes
  3. An overview of different variations in this game
  4. Welcome promotions from dens
  5. The leading roulette software providers
  6. Guide on our analysis of roulette games
  7. Financial management once behind the wheel
  8. Real Vs free roulettes online

The highlight above is just a summary of the details we are about to interact with. Thus we urge you to follow closely and report any issues within the discussion forum for clarifications.

Your guide to playing at the leading roulettes

Have you ever thought of getting to know the options that will help acquire the highest payouts possible? If not, then you certainly need to reconsider your progress and restart with a better plan. For instance, the punter can go for the high possibility picks like colours or range of numbers. However, the roulette casino pays less since its edge is shallow.

On the other hand, experts may play roulette based on unique techniques and pick specific numbers hence they earn 35 times or more based on the type of wheel. However, no one should expect to chip in and start winning straight away. Consequently, we encourage our players to understand the type of wagers here and their respective combinations. Here are some usual and standard options across wheel games:

  1. The square bet: This is also known as corner or number wager, and one wins if the four numbers form a square. The payout is 8 to 1 in this category
  2. The monster selection which is also known as the 'beast', is a five number combination
  3. Six line bets
  4. High or low wager. It is one of the obvious options for new players with its payout being even, that's a one to one match
  5. Red or black wager
  6. The split. The punter banks on two numbers and wins 17:1 if either of them is correct
  7. Straight-up wager: It is the most rewarding option with the highest possible pay of 35 to 1. However, the risk level is relatively high, and newbie users are advised to leave this to the more experienced punters.

The most crucial fact that players have to keep in mind is that online roulette games rely on pure luck. Thus there is no theoretical framework under which one can work out a dependable strategy. But, all one needs to do is understand where the favour might hit in the next round.

Our Top Rated Roulette dens

Considering the diversity aspect rocking in this field, we couldn't pinpoint at specific companies and brand them as the absolute solution. However, many aspects were considered with most of them geared explicitly towards their roulette wheel service provision; while other determinations fell on the general service quality. By general features, it means the other primary day to day resources like payment methods, support team, legal compliance, and many more.

Use the links on this discussion and stand to get plenty of giveaways from the houses starting with a huge new user reward and many other incentives. Our selection also includes platforms that avail roulettes casino free games to facilitate the player's personal training and skill development. Please, before making the crucial joining decision, understand that this game is straightforward to play and hence like all other simple casino games, the house's edge is significant. Here are our top firms which you will certainly like once you visit their casino websites:

  • 1x bet roulette

If one fails to have their taste well defined, the number of roulette games on their platform will overwhelm you. Most of the events are hosted in their live window, and thus practice play is not allowed. However, their computer-run games allow practice play where one does not need to invest any cash.

online roulette 1xbet

The bookie itself has been a role model in the industry as a whole courtesy of the many options awarded to customers. There are tens if not hundreds of promotions, banking options, a good number of contact mediums, and many software providers taking charge of their roulette board. The other crucial feature is their advanced technology. Modern and sophisticated tech is used to create this bookie's interfaces, hence, has streamlined the access of games on desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

  • Betway

This is the second from the top in our list of highly treasured online Roulette India providers. They are generally the best when considering the availability of progressive jackpots and other big-money avenues. The coverage is sufficient as users can now enjoy different variations such as; American, French, European, multiplier, live and mobile roulettes without limits. In addition to their immense coverage of features in the online roulette market,

online roulette betway

Betway is currently hosting massive promotions belonging to casino players. One of the grand prizes involves the Great Indian Festival prize where the winners will get away with valuables like; luxury cars, cash, a MacBook Pro, and other possible rewards. Roll up your sleeves and get into action after enrolling with this firm. Their roulette game rules are user-friendly and tolerable just like their other terms of service. Therefore, only the players are holding themselves back since everything is seemingly near-perfect with this banker.

What you should expect from the top Roulette dens

We have just summarized the best two, but we believe that there are plenty of other options out there. That is why our experts have presented many reviews within this platform to make sure that you have the intense and exciting overview of the Indian casino market. There are some standard measures of decency and performance which mainly relate to these features:

  1. Online roulette game variety with multiple ways to win
  2. Outstanding helpdesk with the support offering timely and responsive solutions
  3. They all have invested a lot in upgrading their technology to smoothen the user-experience
  4. High payouts
  5. Great Welcome Promotions for Roulette Players
  6. Numerous promotions attached to the roulette games and other casino events as well
  7. Reliable and comprehensive payment procedures
  8. They are licensed and committed to abide by the law. Consequently, these firms require every user to verify their identity.
  9. Their roulette rules cannot hinder any player from hitting the profit targets. That is because the regulations are meant to protect the company and don't go against the players.
  10. Secure and safe gaming: The safety of personal details and transactional information is assured through the use of modern security protocols on most of the bookies' systems

Based on their perfection, it was quite an easy call for us to make the rating and ranking, although, it is not possible to write every finite detail on their features.

Types of Roulettes for Real Money

Whenever you are relentlessly looking for a right casino wheel, has it ever crossed your mind that variety is an essential factor? We have different types of wheels which we have discussed in detail within this section.

Although a lot of players focus on the European roulette, they have little or no reason for doing so. Others try different types before settling for the one they feel comfortable with. That's why practice play remains critical in the initial steps of establishing your prowess in this sector. Here are some vital Roulette Variations:

  • European Roulettes

This is the oldest with its foundation traced back to 1840 from when it has grown to be a darling game for many players. Here users encounter a low house edge of 2.76%, which is unlike the American case where the bookie advantage doubles this percentage. Its demand is positively associated with the missing pockets which other types of wheels have maximized on to cut the punter's edge. European Roulette Mobile is another innovative move by software companies to ensure that users enjoy the game from anywhere, anytime and with plenty of freedom.

  • American Roulettes

It is relatively popular as well, due to its additional markets which open the door for users to get a chance of winning more. Although the house edge is criticized for being too high, this is an equally loved and disliked game of wheels. Despite the excitement fed to players in this category, the winning probability is still depended on luck. Therefore, punters don't need to be smart at running parallel simulations because losing will be inevitable. That's in the long-run if one doesn't master the rules and operational concepts behind the game.

Mobile Roulette Gaming

The thrill is never sufficient until one takes a step further to embrace the idea of playing free roulette on the phone. That, of course, should not mean that real money games aren't accessible through the same devices. The fun of having these events at the palm of your hands is discerning. Users get the capacity to access roulette casino either for fun or to make money even when; on holidays, tacked in the bed, in office and other places where access to PCs is limited.

Mobile roulette games are usually designed with a unique layout, and the experience given to users is a phenomenal exposure. Every existing and verified roulette wheel is currently accessible on mobile courtesy of the outstanding developments in the gaming world as a whole.

The Best Software

The regular roulette games which are operated via computer automation are created by the banker at times or by the software providers.

online roulette software

The better option would be relying mainly on those events produced by certified, regulated and popular providers. Some firms with the best roulette software include:

  1. Evolution
  2. Microgaming
  3. VIVO
  4. Authentic
  5. Portomaso
  6. NetEnt
  7. Medialive
  8. Pragmatic Play
  9. Atmosfera
  10. SuperSpade
  11. Play n'Go
  12. Ezugi

Above companies have decades of experience and thus a good understanding of all rules to be applied in the development of an online roulette wheel.

Quick Tips: How to Win at Roulette

Many questions are being asked about the validity of various proposed theories on how to play roulette and win. And so we thought of clarifying on whether these are ideal methods or mere speculations. Factually, none of the methods you come across from internet sources is right.

Therefore, if a review gives the picture of one always winning, you shouldn't buy that since not even the high rollers can attest to something of that sort. What players have at the moment are generally psychological and financial management approaches. On that note, here are some critical actions that can boost a player's chances of winning by influencing their decision making:

  1. Know Your Variants: This simply means that the player needs to understand the basics. That includes being aware of roulette bet types, different types of wheels and their characteristics, and the options with big payouts.
  2. Think About Odds
  3. Manage Your Money: Punters need to stick to their initial profit and loss goals. So if one gets a cold streak, they shouldn't play roulette with the intent of chasing the losses. On the other hand, once you attain your targeted profits, learn to opt-out or lower the gambling intensity to protect those profits.
  4. Choose Outside wagers: These are simpler, and the player gets a 50% edge

Top Tips for Winning More at the Roulette

Some workable tactics that can be applied to improve your odds of getting correct predictions on the roulette wheel are:

  1. Learn to understand all basics of the game
  2. Choose a favourable game type based on the most comfortable variation
  3. Use practice play opportunities to cement your expertise
  4. Ensure that the bankroll is well managed
  5. Focus on outside bets
  6. Always have that long-term strategy to avoid possible future wipeouts

Playing Roulette for Free or Real Money

Both cases are essential as the punter needs the experience which can be gained from participating in free roulette games.

Practice play is ideal for players not willing to invest their money and wish to enjoy the intensity of waiting for the ball to roll right into their selected spot. Real games require a lot of focus, and all viable winning strategies should be applied optimally.


A phone/tablet/computer with reliable internet connectivity

By the ball landing on their selected position/s

Absolutely yes

Not at all