Discover the Best Online Casinos for Real Money

Profitable games are hard to find in the modern gaming space considering the vast number of providers. Some of the firms you will come across are legit. In contrast, others thrive under misleading information and yet offer unsatisfactory services. What a player needs to quench their thirst of venturing in real money games is transparency from the provider’s side.

This market has always been too risky for any player to invest blindly without investigating the quality of a bookie’s services. Some of the crucial factors to be considered before online cash games involvement include payments, bonuses, variety of gaming opportunities, payout percentages and many more. Like any other business operation, when making the decision to try different event with real money, one should always have their entry and exit strategies in mind.

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Although most of these tactics and tricks apply to individual real money games, their coverage should also major on financial procedures, boosts, and the banker’s interface technology, among other factors that should work to foster the player’s convenience.

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Real money casinos disapproved by our team

There is no proper legislation on the cash game providing companies. Thus a good number of firms tend to misguide users. To avoid unnecessary luring into losing your cash, make sure to only play with the recognized brands. Some houses have resulted in providing wrong promotional information, while others paint a vague picture of how users easily win money through their games. However, that’s not true, and a significant number of players have raised concerns over the nature of these promises.

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To play and win real money is not an easy concept as the dens make it seem, hence, most of the established brands like 1xbet India have refrained from such habits. Actually, these top brands encourage responsible gambling and warn users of the impending risks. Others like bet365 India go to the extent of offering gambling addiction recovery services to help affected users. On the other hand, the fake sites whose focus is only in taking the player’s money are not overly concerned about their wellbeing. Some of the blacklisted platforms that you should avoid by all means include:

  1. Ace live
  2. Aztec
  3. Amco
  4. 50 stars
  5. 21 duke

In case you come across any unreliable houses in the course of your gambling activities, make sure you report to us so that we analyze their services and include them in our list of blacklisted dens. This will go a long way to helping other players keep away from such platforms and hence save them from the psychological, financial and general mental torture.

Steps used in reviewing different platforms

For us to identify the right cash winning games, we have to analyze the software by different providers who are brought to users through the different interfaces. Some bookies have made a great deal of technological advancement, and thus they have their own cash games. However, we would prefer that you stick to the events coming from established software developers.

We will list some of the trusted companies availing a wide array of games in live and the regular games. As long as the banker hosts games from licensed and well-regulated companies like Evolution and Microgaming, we assume them to be reliable. Additionally, we also head to each individual bookie to run several checks and identify their quality in terms of the following:

  • Background and safety check

The background check is intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a real money games company. This ranges from their licensing and honesty to the overall accountability rating. As long as the bookie is not transparent in its operations and does not apply any laws listed by international licensing bodies, we advise our players to keep away from them. The other key consideration should be the security aspect as applied to guard their real money interfaces. That should involve the use of an HTTP protocol and any other modern security system provided for user protection on the web. With stringent security measures, the players are assured of the security of their personal data and financial information. Finally, we also check to make sure that the online money games provider makes account verification a mandatory activity. According to the new rules in the betting industry, firms have to make sure that they have evidence of the user’s identity and address to prevent money laundering and other vices that cons execute via gambling platforms.

  • Deposit funds and contact customer support

There is no transactional convenience without the necessary variety of banking options. Basically, the cash transfer methods must feature mediums allowed in the country, and that can be accessed or linked locally to the country’s financial institutions. As you play and win real money from the croupier, you have to be assured of the fund’s access. Otherwise, you might fall for scam firms that allow you to win real money and yet fail to pay. Additionally, to solve financial, account and general issues, one may need the assistance of the support unit. That means that the support team of all dependable firms must be responsive, available and always friendly with a good mastery of communication skills and technical aspects of the company systems. Do not go for online money games without trying to reach their support team, because, without their availability, players are never going to get the help they wanted.

  • Play games and cash out winnings

Before you think of getting paid, how well are you conversant with the criterion of picking online cash winning game? In our analysis process of any platform, we check if the available games will really help the average punter get some reasonable return. All players deserve to get a value of their time and money which is why we never encourage guesswork when picking a cash game. Remember, in this venture, you are using your hard-earned money and so losing it would be devastating. Therefore, stick to our list of approved bookmakers with the best real money payouts. Additionally, we also consider how easy it is to cash out of your wallet to the local bank.

From the above three evaluation factors, anyone can gauge if a real money games provider meets the standards to be trusted and relied on for game provision. Fortunately, we have done our analysis in detail and compiled a list of the top and most respectable firms.

Casino rated and added to our approved list

Following our analysis criteria and the listed characteristics of identifying unfit real money casino firms, our team compiled an impressive list of the top dens. In summary, this approval is based on factors such as licensing, smooth payment procedures, customer support availability, responsive interfaces and games, offers and transparency of the house on its special offers, among other details. Hence, we picked from a large number of real cash houses in the country and below there is a list of the best:

  1. 1xbet India
  2. Betway
  3. Betfair
  4. LeoVegas
  5. Royal Panda

Fastest Payouts

Different real money games oddsetters process withdrawals in varying periods. Some take as long as one week while others take up to 24hrs. According to our assessment, E-wallet payment methods remain the most reliable options for faster processing. On the bookie speed, when transferring money to your local bank, we identified 1xbet as the company leading in this operation.

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They have specified that their transactions take up to 24hrs, but they actually have everything done in 10 minutes or not more than an hour. If you play their real money games and payouts processing takes more than an hour or two, contact the support team to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your profile.

Mobi casino events

To play phone real cash games, make sure that you rely on a registered bookmaker. There are many events, and most of these tend to be free casino events. That’s in line with the rapidly growing modern gaming world whereby the number of people seeking to play for fun is increasing. However, the veteran gamblers should always play and win real money, thus not wasting time venturing in credit-based activities.

For optimal convenience, while investing in your desired casino, try to get the download or online versions of the real money game. Provided you are accessing the game on your SmartPhone, the convenience aspect will never be an issue as the freedom you get is untamed. The other aspect of events played on phone is that of them being affordable, easily accessible and less complicated since the navigations seem to be more smoothened.

Paypal Casinos

This is a great and of course one the most preferred payment methods in India and across the globe. This is the leading banking system among all other E-wallet payment courtesy of their simple procedures and safety assurance.

Although it is a recognized transaction system, not all authentic real money games accept PayPal owing to its relatively high charges on the companies. However, from a player’s point of view, these should act as a significant boost to their confidence in the real cash games provider. Here is a list of online real money dens that accepts PayPal deposits and withdrawal in India:

  1. Betfair
  2. Mr Green
  3. Playzee
  4. Jackpot city
  5. Betway

The list above comprises a number of the most dependable PayPal houses, and it shouldn’t create the implication that they are the only authentic real money casino firms in the country. If you come across a banker with no PayPal access, try to use Skrill, bank cards or any other suitable mode of banking you would prefer from their list.

Make the Most of their offers

Real cash casino firms often provide incentives to motivate players and also reward their loyal customers. Therefore, be on the lookout to ensure that the bookie you choose to play with avails a good range of valuable incentives. Some popular offers we mostly expect in platforms providing cash games include:

  • A new user reward
  • A deposit boost
  • Contests
  • Weekly gifts
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Offers tied to specific events

real money slots

Here is a list of games played by the highest number of gamblers with the intent to win money:

  1. Slots
  2. Poker
  3. Baccarat
  4. Blackjack
  5. Roulette
  6. Spin and Win
  7. KENO

Checking the authenticity of the actual cash casino service provider

Here is a list of what you should look to identify the banker as a fake real money casino:

  1. They have unclear terms and conditions of promotions, wagering requirements and other basic operations
  2. Promise bonuses and promotions which they never award
  3. Fail to pay and even block your account after you win
  4. They are unregulated, or their licensing proof involves doctored documents
  5. The support team is not available
  6. They basically offer poor services and don’t care about the users whatsoever

FAQ About Real Money

There are plenty of them, and some are:

  1. Many users get good returns in a fun way
  2. They are easily accessible
  3. The punter doesn’t need to make any downloads

The amount to be won relative to the invested cash

Use any of the bookie-specific options available