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Ever heard friends bragging about their colossal poker money earnings? Or maybe read news of some celebrity gamer with millions fetched out of this game? Definitely, you have because most successful gamblers recommend real money poker as the best option for people disinterested in wishing their cash away on the algorithmic slots and wheel machines. This game was and is still prevalent in physical casinos, with high rollers keen to make a fortune out of its simple concepts. Of course, every possible tactic, strategy, and imagination must be explored to make you a winner. One basic consideration should be the timing, that’s by taking a position whenever a good opening line (OL) arises. The bestposition is always “on the button,” which simply gives a player the obvious advantage of acting last after observing moves made by others.

Check whether you are ready for the Poker venture

Let’s start by gauging your poker face. Whether in a physical table or taking positions behind the screen as you play poker for real money, your facial expression should never be determinable or predictable whatsoever. This is the first test to take when enjoying the free games or investing smaller first stakes at the onset of your career. The player needs to be emotionally stable because this game requires a high level of patience and resilience. After all, failing to get the psychological tricks right only makes you a loose passive player, a position in which no one wants to find themselves. Secondly, how is your aggression? Do you become a maniac gamer after winning or losing? This is quite challenging for many people especially the ones who often lose their patience once their money is taken or grip on the wins. Remember that we play poker for real money which can get us trapped in a take-give analogy. Some punters win big, their adrenaline pumps high and they start investing more and carelessly hoping to land a similar amount soon, which may never happen and the losses could become appalling with time. Others encounter a cold streak and proceed to be the loose aggressive types; these have the least possible chance of making it in real money poker gaming.

    In other words, all we are trying to bring out here is that “having the capital, determination to venture and all the starting basics (discussed later) isn’t enough. You are only ready to play poker for money after outgrowing the minor rationality behaviors”. Otherwise, this will be your worst nightmare and no one should convince you differently because succeeding here requires optimal mental composure.

    Why engage Real Money platforms?

    Before the persuasion from online poker tipsters, trainers, and providers, did you have a good reason as to why you need to venture in this?

    The gaming world favors people with independent minds, and strong motives to drive profits home. Therefore, there is no one to help when it comes to the actual earning from Indian poker activities. The only assistance comes from the casino establishments’ representatives who only handle other issues which aren’t related to your decision making.

    As kids, we used to play poker for fun, which didn’t involve actual cash. Yes, one would feel satisfied after winning or else spend the night pondering better tactics to use in beating their friends the next day. Anyway, that was enough for an underage’s achievement. However, adults play poker for money; although some claim to be doing it all for fun, it’s not true. Therefore, one reason for playing at real money poker sites is to earn some extra bucks (passive income), or make a living (for fulltime pokies visitors).

    The other reason for playing poker with real money is the game’s decency. Unlike other events where most of the maniacs (like slots) can be found, poker players are known to be cautious. That’s why expert gamblers always invest on the cards. A clever punter would take this to their advantage as the caution remains exploitable. There would be lack of game management and control with the degenerate gamblers onboard because they throw in big cash and take illogical positions as if they have nothing to lose.

    Players get into poker real money India with multiple other motives in addition to the ones discussed above. Their highlight is as shown below:

    1. Payouts are always standard with small house margins
    2. Requires less cash to start
    3. The contests pay huge
    4. It is a skill-based game meaning one can learn and become a pro
    5. You don’t just get satisfaction, but the economic substance of the compensation makes it worthy a try
    6. Most firms offer incentives and appealing opportunities that prompt punters to venture in the business
    7. The game’s volatility is considerably low compared to other casino events

    Playing using Real Cash

    This chapter will show you how to play poker real money India to maximize your profits while cutting/limiting the losses. Everyone definitely losses some of their revenue which doesn’t mean that people don’t bank great amounts. The journey to become an expert begins with comprehending the basics. Agreeably, the game has a manifold of variations, but the rules are almost the same in each case. Therefore, we need to commence by understanding these topics:

    The online poker rounds which start from the left-hand side of the dealer:

    1. Check. This means that the player lets the round pass
    2. Call. This involves raising your bet amount to match that wagered by another player
    3. Fold. A player may lay down their cards if they think that their cards aren’t good enough for them to increase the stake as others on the table.
    4. Raise. One may increase their total wager value if they think that they have a good hand or want to bluff other punters to make them think that they have a perfect hand.

    Ranking of cards from the highest to the lowest:

    These ranks usually break ties in case two players end up with a similar pair. The cards are ranked in this order; Ace, king, queen, jack, numbers 10 to 2. Here is the hierarchy of card combinations:

    1. High card. The player’s hand is valued based on their highest symbol which occurs when no combination can be attained
    2. One pair. Involves having two cards of the same value
    3. Two pairs. When more than one player has two pairs, the one with higher value wins
    4. Three of a kind. Is more of a triple with same value
    5. Straight. This is a hand of five cards with a sequence of consecutive values
    6. Flush.
    7. Full house
    8. Four of a kind
    9. Straight Flush
    10. Royal Flush

      The basic poker game should feature a minimum of two people. Therefore, it is always recommended that you play this either against the bookie’s algorithm or with real people to master the pairs.

      Poker Games

      The taste and preference count a lot for every real cash poker provider which is why the established casinos ensure this aspect is met satisfactorily. These events are usually grouped into the live and regular sections. Therefore, the choice is all yours and they are clearly visible in their multiple variations at 1xbet, royal panda, betway and other recognizable brands. These firms provide both paid and unpaid versions hence offering a complete package where the fun-seekers get to enjoy while the money-hunters reap the voluminous cash benefits. Get all aspects of online poker game real money concepts and the choice of an ideal platform will be easier. Additionally, their pay lines, rules and characteristics vary making it crucial for players to research on the favorable games. Let’s list some of the popular real money poker games in India:

      AI events (are operated by computer programs)

      The variety is quite immense in this category and their access is completely depended on the casino platform. They are interesting because players are allowed to choose the number of hands they would prefer. Therefore, it is not like in live case where availability of other punters determines the amount one can win. To get things rolling in this Indian poker category, a vast knowledge of the different games is necessary and here is a list of the popular events:

      1. Ride’Em Poker
      2. Texas Hold’Em
      3. All American
      4. Tens or Better
      5. Jacks or Better
      6. Trey Poker
      7. Jackpot Poker
      8. Deuces Wild
      9. Caribbean Stud
      10. Aces and Faces Power
      11. Double Double Joker
      12. Bonus Deuces, and many more

      Additionally, unlike the live poker case, the regular category hosts a free version. Therefore, improving your skills is a nonissue with these impressive games. As usual, we advise all real poker gamers to stick to their plans and understand that the computer-run events may easily get out of hand.

      Live events

      These are considerably more predictable as smart players easily benefit from the inexperience and excess consciousness of other participants. Its payouts are relatively promising that’s after deducting taxes and rakes. The main idea here is usually to defeat other gamers and to wager against the house. Some of the enjoyable Indian Poker games under this category are:

      1. Teen Patti
      2. Texas Hold’Em
      3. Three card poker
      4. Side Bet City
      5. Live Caribbean Stud
      6. Poker Speed

      The categories might be few in these, but their individual events are many. To get a clear picture, head to any provider listed on this platform and see if you won’t be overwhelmed by the list.

      Buy-ins and Costs

      Buy-in simply infers the amount of initial stake needed for a player to take a position in a table. You must have noticed the indicated amounts in dollars or Euros at the top of each game and these go as low as $5 in some platforms. Online poker India real money hosts rarely go past $50, but this amount varies as the card sharks may need higher limits. The cost of joining a table also varies based on your table position as the big blind and small blind concepts kick in. Blinds are imposed on specific events like Texas Hold’Em and they are one the reason being on the button is quite a challenge. That’s because punters on the left side of the pit or dealer are forced to place wagers before they even see their cards. A practical example of the buy-in and costs concepts is whereby a session might involve 10 participants and an entry cost of $35. The online poker real money paid to the winner could be 10X30 while the house’s charges 5X10 commission. As mentioned earlier, some of these features vary from one site to the other.


      We always hear of poker tournaments which mostly take place in serene environments and desire to be involved. Fortunately, the same opportunity is now presented to you in real money poker whereby traveling isn’t necessary as one can play and win from any location. Tournaments are mostly set aside for VIP members, but some houses have certain steps one can follow to join the contests. Find the list of online poker real money tournaments here, and stand a chance to bank big cash. These are huge events with low entry costs and somewhat player-friendly conditions. Again, you need to be in the loyalty programs to ensure that you aren’t left out of any contest.

      Casino Poker

      From previous chapters, it is clear that it takes more than basic knowledge to become a successful poker player. Still, the first step towards the excellence is choosing a reliable platform. This should be a company you can entrust with big money, personal data, timely payouts and portrays high quality in each operation. We have several poker real money India brands at the moment; a confusing variety which calls for preciseness. Therefore, we reviewed all tables in the country and selected these best poker casinos:

      1. Royal Panda
      2. LeoVegas
      3. 1xbet
      4. Betway
      5. Betfair
      6. 888 Casino
      7. Spin Palace
      8. Royal Palace

      The desires may vary, so it is always crucial for you to browse through the provider’s fundamental pages and determine if they meet your quality expectation.

      How to Get Ready to Play Poker

      Now that we have covered almost every key topic on online India Poker, how about getting you started? Remember the first chapter advising on a few considerations to make when gauging your ability to smash those poker gaming goals? We are taking them into consideration after getting to the actual playing stage. In the meantime, follow these steps to prepare for the big-dollar project:

      1. Learn the basics which entail poker terminologies, hands, combinations and rules
      2. Go through online poker reviews to determine the strategies applicable on specific events
      3. Choose a game
      4. Locate a perfect bookie and check to ensure that your chosen event is offered.
      5. Create a profile with the bookmaker
      6. Access the account and make a deposit
      7. Start playing

      This is not an easy-money scheme where people earn without making any effort. Hence, do thorough research on all necessary features and aspects that may influence your gambling decisions once on the table.

      Your Payment Options

      Some common banking systems integrated on Indian real money poker platforms include:

      1. Visa
      2. Mastercard
      3. Unified Payment Interface
      4. E-wallets like Moneybookers, and Neteller
      5. Direct bank transfer
      6. Cryptocurrencies, and more

      Downsides of real cash games in India

      The usual challenges of high risk, system failures and boring limits are common. Some bookmakers have worked hard to correct most of the reported shortcomings, which is always hard to entirely perfect. The common problems faced by gamers when investing in real money events include:

      1. Hard to find authentic firms since the industry is overflooded
      2. Unreasonable promotion and bonus conditions by some houses
      3. Prolonged payment periods
      4. The authentication procedures are tedious especially in offshore companies
      5. Some system failures deny players the chance to hit jackpot prizes

      Free Poker Bonuses, Tickets and More

      Real money poker sites have special ways of rewarding players and keeping them interested in the casino’s products. The dominant promos and rewards include:

      1. Free bets
      2. Jackpot prizes
      3. Tournaments
      4. The VIP programs
      5. Welcome rewards
      6. Deposit bonuses
      7. Free spins
      8. Cashback offers
      9. Comp points
      10. Expensive and luxurious presents


      It is safe provided the service host is licensed, and the player is armed with a solid plan

      Follow this procedure:

      1. Visit any of your favorite casino platforms
      2. Use the login tab to access your profile
      3. Head to the deposit section
      4. Choose a payment method
      5. Specify amount to transact
      6. Send the request
      7. Approve the transaction from your bank’s side for the restricted channels

      Note: Always abide by the company’s payment rules to avoid money loss or possible legal action once you breach any of them.

      It is the most convenient method and ideal especially on the optimized interfaces

      There are many free versions on the web and android/iOS stores. Therefore, you can engage them without investing real cash which serves punters right as they learn and sharpen their expertise