Merkur Gaming Overview


The gaming industry have seen some magical improvements in recent history due to the proliferation of numerous gaming companies that are active stakeholders in the market, of which amongst them is Merkur.

We are about to unveil the historical emergence of this company is detail. First of all, what does this gaming outfit stands for? Subsequent aspects that form the bulk of this overview says a lot about this provider.

However, back in 1957, a German business tycoon floated the Gauselmann Group, which we know today is a gaming giant of German origin which specialises in building slots cabinets and arcade games slated for wagering. However, the turns of decades ushered in several innovative developments in the industry which also led to strategic pivotal realignments for better market positioning in meeting the demands of casino vendors, gaming development partners and players scattered all over the globe. Hence, Merkur Gaming adopted all-round refreshing gaming entertainment, gaming innovation and traditional gaming features as part of its game development and design.


Being under the aegis of Gauselmann Group is another huge plus to its operational efficiency and strength due to age-long experience and brand loyalty-built overtime in the industry and strategic partnerships. Furthermore, the corporate image of the parent company has bequeathed some form of preeminence to Merkur games wherever they may be found. The strength of the company's workforce is highly multi-functional in nature, drawing experienced hands and expertise in the industry which in sum is huge, at about 13,500 personnel dispersed across over 40 countries worldwide. This purely shows the massive imprint hiring best hands can bring to the workforce; generating a massive turnover in the excess of 3.6 billion Euro just in 2018 according to a report on Merkur gaming review. Incredible, one must say!

Merkur Gaming Attributes – Merits & Demerits

There's constant focus on and touch of excellence in her game development keeping tabs with current gaming trends; constantly diversifying its game portfolio; expanding its corporate alliances with key game developers; complete compliance to industry gaming standards, great responsive customer service, game responsibility, plus legally-binding regulatory standards; developing games according to captivating thematic blueprints that reflects player choices, and much more. These positive attributes (merits) have sustained the corporate imprint of Merkur gaming in several jurisdictions.

Insufficient provision of table games seems to be the seeming downside (demerit) associated with this game software provider.

Pioneering Market Depth in Game Development

As we had earlier informed of its beginnings, Merkur had its game development focus ab initio on building slot cabinets that hit many casino floors in several jurisdictions where they are licensed to operate those days; basically, these slot cabinets were styled as Amusement with Prizes.

merkur slot machines

But, the 21st century gaming has moved to another level of innovation which every provider is scrambling to catch up with in order to outdo others, hence, this made Merkur gaming to restrategise in developing modern and elegant high-definition multi-gaming systems reflective of games like Evolution SL, Merkur Star; and Avantgarde SLT.

Gaming Software Framework

Merkur has channeled its gaming development strength in developing quality slot games optimised to be easily accessible via both desktop and mobile operating systems of any device. There has been recent integrations and modifications to its gaming software solutions these are reflected in its high-definition on-screen display that yields crisp visual output on mobile UIs accompanied by filtered quality acoustics.

Additionally, its games draw much fan base, hence, topping gaming charts for player's delight according to Merkur gaming India reports, for instance. Its games are built based on Javascript and html5 frameworks.

Game Categories & Properties

In the light of the foregoing, we have chosen a few notable games that are player’s delight in the Indian casino gaming market. This is so due to the review focuses on the Indian market. Below are a select slot games according to their power ranks as authoritatively reviewed by our team of experts.

snow wolf supreme merkur

The Snow Wolf Supreme is a video-based slot from the stables of Merkur gaming that hit the gaming market in 10/12/2020. This game avails players a return to player percentage rate of 96%, medium volatility scale, maximum win of 2000x, reel layout of 5x3, 40 betways plus 80 freespins. Other features it comes with include double game feature, with a combination of feline and canine wild symbols. However, it can be played on mobile and PC, but bears the Javascript and html5 frameworks.

treasures of egypt merkurAnother famous slot game that comes from the stable of Merkur gaming that is popular in the Indian market is the Merkur's Treasures of Egypt. This slot is built as video slot that was released into the market in July, 2020. It affords player a return-to- player percentage rate of 96% without a known volatility rate, but it comes with a maximum win of 30x and reel layout of 4x3. However, it affords a lucrative 20-40 paylines. Other featured characteristics include wild symbols styled after ancient Egyptian artefacts and bonus game. This game can be played both on mobile and PC, and it's built with Javascript and html5 frameworks.

Another game category built by Merkur is Cabinets. These games are meant for offline casinos. The most famous of cabinet-based games in the Indian market is Avantgarde SLT. This game offers uncommon gaming design optimised for high-class, high-definition gameplay experience. Key integrated features include extraordinary acoustic ambience, compatibility with most online systems, optimised gaming performance for multi-game enhanced tech platform; and trusted top-notch gaming technology.

Lastly, there's an innovative addition to the catalogue of games developed by Merkur gaming; but it falls under the category of gaming Link Solutions. It's so unique on casino floors that only a limited edition of games has so far been built under this category. However, Treasure Link is a game that offers gaming link solution styled after a progressive system of games offering a total of 5 linked games namely, Dragon Marbles, Joker Buffalo, Temple of the Nile, and African Glory. This game also affords high wagering returns, bonus prizes for cash games, and other attractive gaming perks.

Merkur Gaming Partnerships

Part of the norm in the gaming industry is establishing partnerships with other game developers in the industry. The aim of such partnerships is all about firming up market share, delivering cross-platform gaming solutions to casino vendors and players; and also opening new gaming opportunities.

merkur partners

For Merkur gaming, they have such of these partnerships with other gaming companies, which we have highlighted below.


Merkur gaming review reveals a lot about the gaming provider. However, our conclusion shall be hinged on general issues affecting the gaming provider in relation to her products and services in the Indian market according to our findings and expert opinions.

Merkur's provider rank in India is 104. Its games in all categories can be found or played in about 30 casinos in India. Besides this the quick facts about this provider reads thus: total number of video slots is 235, total games are 248, classic slot they have is 1, 2 card games, 2 roulette games. Its game delivery is two-fold - offline (for land-based casinos) and online (web-based casinos) games. These games offer multi-functionality across different gaming platforms, single-unit API, quick-launch, and satisfactory customer service.


This is because the gaming provider has been in the business of developing game arcades and slot cabinets for traditionally offline casinos since its inception as a company before diversifying to developing modern web-based slots.

The answer is relative because gamers are attracted to several game attributes that suits their expected wagering outcomes. So, what is good for the geese is also good for the gander.

No, its area of game development is centered on slots.