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Monster Quest Play for Free

Monster Quest by Ganapati

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Sumi-e by Ganapati

Monster Quest Play for Free

Monster Quest by Ganapati

Sumi-e Play for Free

Sumi-e by Ganapati

It is a gaming outfit which is dedicated to unleashing superb avant-garde casino gaming concepts - alluring game designs, consolidating collaborations/partnerships in the gaming business; and state-of-the-art game tech. This is what Ganapati games stands for.

Fact-checking Ganapati

We can establish that the gaming provider has been fact-checked based on the following properties: it has brand reputation globally with its corporate headquarters in Tokyo; its gaming technology is built on html5; and it has unbeaten mathematical gaming models.

Associated Merits & Demerits

Ganapati games like every other gaming provider has its ups and downs; but our review unearthed wonderful gaming properties which players deem suitable for their gaming advantage in playing games developed by this provider.


Therefore, we outlined some merits to include the following:

  1. Creative acumen by infusing Japanese cultural imprints and heritage, environmental aesthetics, anime, and revolutionised graphics;
  2. Slot games are developed to suit regional taste of gamers in certain jurisdictions;
  3. Broad gaming portfolio based on 2 casino categories - in-house game designs and externally inspired gaming development in conjunction with CQ9;
  4. Offers of bonus spins on certain games;
  5. Customised uncommon new titles;
  6. Multi-platform functionality and playability;
  7. Revolutionised gaming technology using html5 with classic game mechanics; and
  8. Ganapati games are usually characterised by high winning number combinations.

For demerits associated with the gaming provider, we could find out that a few demerits are associated with this provider. These include the following:

  1. Limited number of developed slot games for casinos;
  2. Absence of live dealer casino games; and
  3. Absence of table games.

Brief Historical Overview

This gaming provider was started existing as a corporate entity in London since 2013 as mobile app developer. A year later, it floated its IPO in 2014. However, 2 years later it ventured into the digital gaming sector, and expanded internationally to meet market demands; obtaining its MGA license, and had its inceptive digitally-based games launched same year.

Ganapati games continued showing trail marks of excellence from 2017 as it received ICE 2017 awards for Sushi Mania, also developed Pikotaro's corporate game, was an award nominee for GGA Vegas 2017.

The year 2018, continued to bestow marks of consolidation for its excellence in the industry as it received the ICE 2018 Geisha Dreaming award, obtained international license from the jurisdiction of Curacao; established its presence in Europe; received the revered 5-star Gaming Innovation of the Year; established its operational branch in Taiwan; and became one of the pioneers of blockchain gaming platforms with G8C.

ganapati awards

Moreso, Ganapati games increased in popularity beyond 2018; which materialised purposefully in receiving the ICE 2019 - Cyber Kabuki award, AIBC Awards which saw the provider carting away 3 awards at a go. Also, same year, it established its Development studio in Taiwan, its office branch in Taipei 101 was opened; and made Manny Pacquiao its brand ambassador. Lastly, the year 2020 didn't pass by without Ganapati games winning the ICE 2020 Bolt of Lightning award.

Software & API

For any gaming software provider to be successful, its drive for market competition should be hinged on innovative and creative management which drives incomparable distinctiveness in its gaming themes. On this, Ganapati games don't lack such push because it carved its own casino niche through the provision of digital Japanese contents in order to brave the storm of stiff rivalry in the gaming market.

Its focus in developing exclusive video slots for her teeming clients is a huge plus because her games embody wholesome eccentricity and hinged on delivering unparallel gaming entertainment, thereby providing an encompassing, but perfectly customer-centric blend of fun and effective gameplay engagement altogether.

The backbone of their gaming infrastructure is built on their privately owned IP and also established international partnerships with other best gaming outfits, best graphic/game designers in the industry.

Furthermore, Ganapati games software is renowned to be ultramodern, multi-platform compatible/adaptable, html5 tech compliant, and classic.

Also, its aggregated platform interfaces with e-cash transfer application programming interface (API); and also creates an internal adaptability handshake with partnered gaming platform's API. For efficient workflow, monitoring and assessments, Ganapati games is imbued with backend dashboard for gameplay and financial analyses.

Due to its consolidated API, players could have access to over 70 Ganapati games, which are easily played due to multi-platform adaptability.


With an assembly of experienced gaming managers, the best one can find in any casino, this provider built a powerful aggregation gaming platform to better serve its brand's presence in already established regions like Asia and Europe. This platform uses state-of-the-art distributive tech stack which is tasked to support easy scaling, either horizontally or vertically. The end point of adopting this system in feeding Ganapati games to uninterruptedly to casinos and players by shedding weighty service workloads.

Overview of Notable Games

As part of our review, we have singled out a few notable games to be highlighted in our assessment but in the format of an overview in order to briefly analyse their properties and other notable things players should look out for.

end of edo ganapati

End of Edo is a video slot developed in Oct., 2019 as part of Japanese themed Ganapati games based on an epoch called Edo in Japan historically, spanning over 250 years; after which the Japanese Samurai noble military hood was brought to an end. Therefore, this game is a reflection of warfare. This game has a return to player rate of 96%; a maximum win of 500x; medium volatility, and 20 betways. It possesses 3x5 reels, with 10 symbols that comprises of scatter, wild, each of 4 low and high playing symbols.

monster quest ganapati

Monster Quest is a video slot developed in Nov., 2019 under the aegis of Ganapati games designed after animated Japanese mythical monster battles. Therefore, this game has a return to player rate of 96.4%; maximum win unknown; volatility ratio is unknown, and there’s absence of reels and betways.

Also, there are no symbols, but there is an auto-play options. This game is imbued with multi-platform adaptability.

pineapple pen ganapatiPikotaro Pineapple Pen is a video slot developed in Jan., 2018 under the auspices of Ganapati games designed after a narrative hinged on a singer whose name is given to this game. However, there are some properties possessed by this game which shall highlight. This game possesses a return to player rate of 96.8%; with a maximum win of 1500; with low-medium volatility; 40 betways and possesses a multi-platform adaptability. There are 5 reels, notable symbols – scatter and wild symbols. This game affords bonus game and freespins.

Shiba Inu is also another video slot developed by in May, 2019 under the aegis of Ganapati games, themed after specific aquatic creatures. However, this game affords a return to player rate of 96.0%; with 15 betways and 5 reels; 9000 jackpot500x maximum win and multi-platform compatibility. Regarding symbols, it only possesses a wild symbol. But, there’s a bonus game, freespins, and auto-play.

Technological Backbone for Mobile gaming

Ganapati games is largely built on html5 and Javascript backbones in order to make her games have zero tolerance to glitches or hitches while players are primed on gameplay. Also, these technological backbones provide for top-notch multi-platform compatibility on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Promotional Offers

Ganapati games comes with numerous promotional perks imbued in its games. Players who often opt to play any of the games developed by this provider either contains freespins or welcome bonus.

Secured Platform with Operational License

This game developer is secured in 2 ways – it has operational licenses in jurisdictions where the developer’s games are played; and secondly, the gaming developer built its games to withstand any form of compromise like hacking or phishing and other forms of related issues.

Fairplay Feature

Ganapati games (slots) are developed with random number generator that ensures fairness and credibility for each gameplay enjoyed by players.

Gaming Partnerships & Collaborations

Like we had explained earlier in the course of this review, we could note that the provider established a number of international gaming partners to boost its market share and satisfaction of its increasing number of players across Asia and Europe and other jurisdictions.

ganapati software

However, there are multiple world class digital casinos that collaborated with the gaming provider is offering Ganapati games as part of their gaming portfolio. Since our focus is on the Indian casino market, we shall first highlight Indian casinos that feature games developed by this provider for Indian players.


Ganapati games is one of a kind in among several gaming companies in the industry that comes with wonderful innovations in the art of game design and gaming themes.

Also, one other outstanding plus to its gaming input is the establishment of an aggregation platform that tends to connect, coordinate and deliver its games to several jurisdictions without glitches; thereby opening more possibilities for expansion, market growth and more collaborations.


It’s a self-styled and unique gaming software platform that develops superb gaming themes with cutting-edge game mathematics.

Its games are revolutionary, and they are designed with top-notch gaming thinking that infuses game mathematics in all its developed games. Mostly, its games are designed with traditional Japanese themes that reflects its rich cultural heritage. More importantly, all of its games are video-based slots.

In terms of technology and gaming software used in its game development, we can authoritatively infer that it uses html5 and Javascript technology backbone which renders smooth gaming service and product delivery across all platform.

Yes, because it has operational licenses in several jurisdictions where it games are played and also the company has been recipient to several international gaming awards.