Aristocrat Slots


Smooth as it sounds in nomenclature and meaning; it's part of the global hegemonic digital gaming alliance whose grip on slots market share and in gaming products and services is deepening relentlessly. However, Aristocrat builds well-engineered slot gaming machines with eyes on premium on quality of her software services and merchandise; plus incorporation of existing software upgrades and expanding corporate partnerships in order in consolidation of gaining momentum strategy-wise.


Aristocrat gaming have built more than 70 slot games to its credit which has huge bettor base due to fame and lucrative nature of their platform.


Many attributes culminates into absolute desirability or affinity to a particular thing; same applies to Aristocrat gaming platforms wherever they're found.

These admirable traits are quite huge and in-depth with regards to the following: fun-filled thrills and engrossing capability exerted on punters is its hallmark; out-of-the-box superbly finished graphic interface imbued with rich interactivity; perfect combo of cross-platform gameplays; its platform boasts with a broad portfolio of more than 5000 patent holderships and gaming trademarks.


Demerits imbued with Aristocrat gaming remain a minor issue which boils down to few gaming portfolio; specially built digital gaming platforms with focus on being socially-friendly; and some little difficulty in locating their presence due to their distribution thru unpopular vendors.

Historical Outline of Aristocrat

Aristocrat gaming establishment 67 years ago (1953) ushered in a vibrant momentum to the push towards corporate greatness till date. 3 years into operations and sustained thru 1958; it assumed a befitting appellation of wonder CLUBMASTER thru introduction of an inceptive gaming tech innovation of the time vis-a-vis automated reel lubrication bearings assembly plus cost-free playing lock. The 60s (between 1960 and 1969) saw its international corporate spread from Australia to Europe and American casino gaming markets.

Aristocrat gaming consolidated its inceptive firm grip further with global integration and expansion in the 70s; then launched the market's inceptive game-changer; first worldwide - the 5-Reel casino slot machine; nailing this superb introduction to e-gaming transition with its 1979 digital slot game launch, Wild West. Aristocrat veered into casino gaming systems operations by introducing a land-breaking MICROSTAR slot machine lines between 1980 thru 1989.

Lest we forget, the famous Vegas virtual slot reels was pioneered by Aristocrat in 1983; subsequently raking bountiful table turnovers same year.

In later years leading to the terminus of the last 20th century, between 1990-99 saw its in-roads into global gaming sector precipitating the launch of 2 gaming systems, namely; MK (95) and Hyperlink Gaming Systems; with the latter taking Aristocrat gaming to echelons of gaming glory and limelight and also gaining its first stance as best ever valued Australian commercialised IP. The aforementioned year period marked its inceptive stock listing on Australian Stock market.

aristocrat gaming

Between 2000 till date, it has undergone many notable changes all-round; from further expansion into regional plus national digital gaming markets; to shaking corporate operations due to 2008 financial meltdown; to its 2012 introduction of Games Development Kit - standardised gaming portfolio - and 3rd partnerships for slot games vending.

Product Madness was one of its big catch acquisitions showcasing her firm foothold on the non-regulated electronic gaming. Aristocrat gaming hit bull's eyes in the digital gaming revolution by a few product launches; also incorporating VGT into her operations set off Eldorado.

Aristocrat as Gaming Software Provider

Well, we gathered that 2013 was the year it received its digital license for the provision of poker, in US's gambling melting pot - Nevada. Aristocrat went ahead to pioneer a corporate partnership in conjunction with NYX Gaming and Product Madness. They developed a system of streamlining utility of her platforms for handy gadget users via vending platforms made accessible thru remote servers.

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Aristocrat gaming is technologically-driven company with eyes on disruptive innovations that drive market value and prompt service delivery. However, this gaming company is rooted in product and service delivery, well-partitioned into major 4 categories as depicted below.

Preeminent Aristocrat Slot Games Played with Real Funds

Aristocrat slots are mostly imbued with great return to player potential; offering about 95% return to player earnings. However, we want to focus on the gaming system's actual money playing slots with huge RTP earnings. Here's the list below.

aristocrat slot tiger moon

Aristocrat Mobile Slot Gameplays

Aristocrat gaming in order to reach out multitude of young Indian slot punters; and also to consolidate on meeting huge demands of the digital gaming sector and vast gaming vendors.

However, almost all Aristocrat built games are built to be accustomed/deployed onto mobile operating systems. Digital slots under the auspices of Aristocrat are mobile-friendly, with smooth operability and elegant functions via GUI.

Play Free Aristocrat Slot Games

The potential is enormous on Aristocrat for Indian players, but regrettably, bettors in the US can't access such. However, its free slots are found almost in every casino vendor running on Aristocrat's digital gaming software.

aristocrat slot big red

Aristocrat Slot Machine Reviews

Under this section, we decided to do few reviews of major Aristocrat gaming slot machines for our esteemed bettors.

There's a pool of games built by Aristocrat which makes up its gaming portfolio. So, most times players fall into choice dilemmas due to vast array of perks, incentives and other enticing attributes.

First Slot machine for our review is Buffalo slot machine is amongst most sought after; it's mostly an offline gameplay slot with lucrative Extra Reel Power function which grants about a thousand and twenty-four winning combinations. The slot's symbol is the beast, Buffalo.

There's the African Big 5 digital slot seem extremely exciting; patterned after African Safari; with it is the incorporation of 3x5 standard plus Reel Power Plus that makes provision for 243 winning ways. Other symbols that made it to the slot's reel patterns are trees, diamonds etc.

Another flavour to its pool of digital slots is Queen of the Nile 2; patterned after ancient Egypt, with slot symbols also depicting artefacts representing Cleopatra's fortunes; with its lines of twenty-five games cum 3x5 settings.


One of the key developers of interactive digital slot games and digital gaming softwares on the planet is Aristocrat. The business has been able to attract a diverse gaming client base as well as providing large selection of services, incentives and deals with many casinos promoting their slots and services.

This goes without saying that rivalry imbued in digital gaming business is intense, yet what the Aristocrat gaming manages to provide market-wise is also phenomenal. Digital and non-digital casinos, players can consider broad spectrum of activities.

Aristocrat's success and access to a wide range of clients contributed to the creation of innovative themes that were still meaningful to trending gamer's expectations.